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Based in the Charlotte, NC area, The Warriors of Greece are the Southeast's premier, award-winning living history reenactment group.  We are an elite unit of Ancient Greek Hoplite Warriors dedicated to preserving the ideals and memory of the brave Spartans and other Greek troops of the 5th century B.C. 

In the first major conflict between East and West, the Greco-Persian War pitted millions of conscripted, ethnically diverse soldiers, all speaking different languages, each wielding strange new weapons and riding never-before-seen enormous creatures from the hundreds of conquered nations of Asia, Africa and the Middle East throughout the Persian Empire against the loosely allied collection of Greek city-states.  It featured the Eastern "bow & bridal" against the Western "spear & shield."  The Persians lightly armed, mounted cavalry troops who fought with hit & run missle tactics like arrows & javelins from a distance versus the Greeks heavily armed infantry foot soldiers who preferred up close, in-your-face, hand-to-hand close combat with spears and swords.  The two styles couldn't be more different.    

Clad in the Spartan's trademark blood-red cloaks & tunics, wearing real bronze armor and bearing authentic weapons of iron and wood we bring history to life through exciting reenactment and fun, easy-to-understand education. 

Come inside to learn the real story of the 300 Spartans, separate fact from fiction and see how the fiercely independent city-state of Sparta though tremendously outnumbered refused to submit to slavery and led the united Greeks to victory over the largest and most powerful force the ancient world had ever known, the mighty Persian Empire.

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